Monday, October 10, 2016

For Naturopathic Medicine Week: A Steaming Pile of Efficacy Falsehood from Steamboat Springs, Colorado

here, some thoughts on false broad efficacy claims upon the naturopathic.  This is how you do an end-run around scientific review processes:

001. at, we're told in "Health briefs: Drop-in Flu Shot Clinics Planned" (2016-10-09):

"Steamboat Naturopathic [is] offering specials for national naturopathic medicine week [...which] is set for Oct. 10 through 16. The week was created through a congressional resolution recognizing the value of naturopathic medicine in providing 'safe, effective and affordable health care' [...] to honor naturopathic medicine week, Steamboat Naturopathic will offer naturopathy to new patients at half price. For more information, call 970-871-7829." 

so, there's that legislated claim of 'efficacy subset naturopathy'.  Let's analyze that, briefly.

002. at Steamboat Naturopathic, which is -- the practice of claimed Bastyr ND graduate Calihan who has no specific list of naturopathy's principles anywhere because we don't deserve to know so we can then decide -- we're told:

002.a. on her bio. [2016 archived]:

"my treatment approach combines herbal medicine, lifestyle changes, food as medicine, homeopathic remedies, and nutraceuticals (vitamins and supplements) [...]"; 

oh my, here I go with the crowbar.  Homeopathy doesn't work, so that broad political decree of 'efficacy' and 'cost effective' is false, even at half price. 

we're also told "after passing rigorous national examinations, I am licensed to practice medicine in Colorado [...]"; 

but those exams falsely label homeopathy a "clinical science."  So much for rigor.  How about 'licensed falsehood designed to protect naturopaths first and foremost'.  And this is not permission to practice medicine, it is permission to practice naturopathy, which has a nonsensical standard of care.  Here is that naturopathy standard of care as written into Hawaii law mandating the treatment of a figmentation occupying the body.  Because we do deserve to know, so we can then decide in an informed manner...
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