Friday, October 7, 2016

UK Naturopath's Autistic 4-YO Patient Ends Up Hospitalized With Vitamin D Toxicity

here, disturbing news:

001.'s Rachael Rettner reports in "4-Year-Old Overdoses on 'Natural' Supplements, Ends Up in ER" (2016-10-06):

"a 4-year-old boy in England ended up in the emergency room after taking a slew of dietary supplements that led to health problems, according to a new report of the case [...] his parents had started giving the boy the supplements because they had visited a naturopath, who recommended the 12 supplements [...] the boy had been taking 12 different dietary supplements. These included vitamin D, calcium magnesium citrate, cod liver oil, camel milk, silver, biocare lipozyme [...] archturus bromelain [...] zinc, trace minerals, epsom bath salts, AFP peptizyde [...] and sodium chloride [...]"; 

but with medical intervention he's apparently ok.
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