Friday, November 4, 2016

former-ND Hermes Naturopaths' Whole Systems Research Facade

here, former-ND Hermes provides a critical analysis of naturopathy's "whole systems research", which was created in order to put nonsense in a tuxedo:

001. at, which is Science 2.0, in "Is Naturopathic Medicine Safe And Effective? Leading Naturopathic Researchers Cannot Even Say" (2016-11-02) [2016 archived], former-ND Hermes writes:

 "naturopaths claim to be 'science-based' [...and] love to claim that naturopathic medicine is safe and effective. Yet, naturopaths are known to practice using treatments that have been disproven and dangerous [...therefore] it is impossible to conclude that naturopathic medicine is anything but imbued with bad science [...]"; 

yup, there is the great rift and dissonance.

"a group of leading naturopathic researchers set out to evaluate naturopathy [...] using a sneaky methodology called 'whole systems research' [...] whole systems research was invented to study therapies that had already been discredited by rigorous randomized controlled trials [...] homeopathy and acupuncture are often studied in this framework because it more often than not brings positive results but at the expense of scientific validity [...] naturopaths studying their own quackery with quackery? [...]"; 

hear, hear.  Science without the science...
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