Wednesday, November 2, 2016

ND Cole Promotes Chelation Therapy

here, an ND lauding what isn't worth trying:

001. at, ND Cole writes in "What is Chelation Therapy?" [2016 archived](2016-10-31):

"chelation therapy is an intravenous therapy using the synthetic amino acid 'EDTA' (ethylene diamine tetra-acetic acid), among other chelating substances, to bind with metal ions and transport them to the kidneys where they are excreted [...] atoms of calcium, lead, cadmium, mercury [...] some signs and symptoms of mercury burden include reduction in central nervous system function, cardiovascular disease, hypothyroidism, blood sugar dysregulation, autoimmunity and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Some signs and symptoms of lead toxicity include abdominal pains, attention deficit disorders, muscle pains, hypertension, gout, mood swings, decrease cognition and depression [...]";

because naturopaths love telling you you are filled with toxins. And they love casting a wide, vague net to rope in new customers.

"chelation has also been used successfully for patients with vascular diseases such as atherosclerosis as well as heavy metal poisoning. Chelation can help improve circulation by the removal of accumulated build up (plaques) that damages the vascular system [...]";

so, here are claims of efficacy for chelation, because that's what customers want to hear.

"it’s important to be as informed about a treatment as you can be before pursing it and there is no exception when it comes to chelation [...]"; 

that's quite ironic.  Well, take a look at the Quackwatch article that tells us these are "unproven claims and unsound theories."  Chelation has been around for decades, as a kind of sCAM zombie corpse that won't die.

002. at the ND's practice,

002.a. her homepage tells us she's a CCNM ND graduate;

002.b. her naturopathic medicine page codes naturopathy's essential vitalism premise;

because we don't deserve to know, apparently.

002.c. oddly enough she tells us that acupuncture needles are inserted into the "musculature" of the body on her acupuncture page;

I've never heard of that tissue being the target before.

002.c. she also does "IgG Food Allergy Testing Panel";

and when you see that, RUN.
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