Monday, November 14, 2016

NDs Lachman and Weinhold Applaud Penn.'s ND Bill While Promoting Pseudotherapies

here, obvious evidence that licensed falsehood marches on:

001. states in "Pennsylvania Governor Signs Naturopathic Medicine Bill" (2016-11-11) [2016 archived]:

"Governor Tom Wolf makes Pennsylvania the 21st U.S. jurisdiction to acknowledge and accept alternative medical practice [...] the biggest goal of the bill was to create a well-known difference between a trained medical professional such as Dr. Julie Lachman [...] and Dr. Heidi Weinhold, opposed to those that practice from their own self-taught knowledge [...] Dr. Julie Lachman is a graduate of the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine [...] and is excited for this incredible breakthrough for naturopathic medicine and its recognition in the state of Pennsylvania. She claims that this will broaden her capability to provide safe and healthier alternatives to chemical based medications"; 

well, naturopathy is not MEDICAL because that's a different set of ethical standards, for starters.  So, that's a FALSE assurance.  So, let's go to the NDs' Lachman and Weinhold practice pages! 

002. at, ND Lachman tells us in:

002.a. her homepage [2016 archived]:

"homeopathic medicine is FDA-approved. It’s safe, effective and beneficial for medical conditions as diverse as asthma to diabetes. Homeopathic remedies are made from small amounts of natural substances and are given in small doses to eliminate adverse reactions. You can continue taking prescribed medications though you may find, as your body heals, you need the prescriptions less and less [...]";

that's a false efficacy claim for a pseudotherapy!  Well, she did promise something 'not chemical' that was "safe and healthier", but it actually contextually has to WORK to be an alternative [here's more 'homeopathy false efficacy' claims from the ND].

003. at, ND Weinhold tells us in:

003.a. her page "Services" [2016 archived]:

"homeopathy uses highty diluted natural substances to help stimulate the body's immune response. Homeopathy is based on the principle that 'like cures like.' This means that while a substance given in large doses will cause symptoms to appear in a healthy person, that same substance, when given in minute homeopathic doses, will help heal a sick person with similar symptoms.  An initial homeopathic intake takes about 2 hours and involves taking a detailed patient history. Homepathy treats the whole person. Doctor Heidi matches the unique and characteristic symptoms fo each patient to one of 2000 homeopathic remedies [...]"; 

again, a false efficacy claim for homeopathy.  And this Penn. bill will protect such, because NDs will have COVER for false efficacy claims:

'but we're regulated falseness.'
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