Friday, November 11, 2016

California MD Essentially Practicing Naturopathy Brought Up on Charges of "Negligence, Gross Negligence, and Unprofessional Conduct"

here, action on the part of actual medicine when one of their own violates medicine's ethical commitments:

001. Dan Bauder at reports in "Homeopathic Doctor Said What?" [2016 archived]:

"the Medical Board of California has filed an accusation against Dan Orville Harper, MD, who practices at Be Well Associates in Solana Beach. He is charged with negligence, gross negligence, and unprofessional conduct in his practice of treatments such as homeopathy [...] ozone therapy [...] craniosacral therapy or healing touch [...and] 'energy medicine' [...wherein he claims] transference of frequencies or 'energies' from one bottle to another through his use of the 'remedy maker' machine which he claims imbues the latter bottle with healing properties [...while] the board says, 'there is no evidence that any homeopathic remedies can be exactly replicated or transferred by any machine' in the manner Harper describes [...] he is also charged with other offenses, such as keeping inadequate records on patients. Possible penalties could range from probation to losing his license [...]";

I know of NDs who use such machines here in CT.  Let's see if this ends up causing some ripples in the sCAM realm. 

002. a homepage [2016 archived], if this is him, states:

"Dr. Harper's medical knowledge and practice incorporates the following types of therapeutics: medical consultations with the intention of finding the root cause of illness, improving cardiovascular health and cardiometabolic disorders using diagnostic techniques such as advanced Singulex blood testing, assessment of infections (mycoplasma, Lyme, and co-infections), environmental medicine with an emphasis on chemical hypersensitivities, electromagnetic fields (EMF's), and sick building syndrome, intravenous therapeutics (mineral, vitamins, amino acids), prolotherapy, neural therapy, trigger point injections, drainage and optimizing detoxification pathways, genomic testing and counseling, nutrition telomere assessment [...]"; 

sounds very naturopathic to me.  Quackwatch had covered this, last year.
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