Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Pennsylvania 2016 Naturopathy Regulation: Legal Cover For Falsely Marketed Ideas and Activities

here, 'yes you can' license falsehood and betray your duty to public welfare: 

001. in "Pennsylvania Governor Signs Naturopathic Medicine Bill" (2016-11-03) [2016 archived], apparently authored by the AANMC, the AANP's schools consortia, we're told:

"Pennsylvania becomes the 21st U.S. jurisdiction to regulate naturopathic medicine. The new law HB516 regulates naturopathic doctors; ensuring patients can trust that their wellness professional holds a graduate degree from an accredited naturopathic medical school [...]"; 

now, what I find SO interesting is listed amongst the schools is "National University of Health Sciences". So the claim is, science subset naturopathy.  And that's legislated. 

002. at NUHS, we find:

002.a. their ND program [2016 archived];

002.b. an within, such science-ejected things as homeopathy [2016 archived] 'therapy';

003. so, I'll say it again: 

licensed falsehood marches on!  Consumers beware, both clinically and academically.  The government of Pennsylvania just gave legal cover to this racket of ideas and activities called naturopathy!
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