Wednesday, February 1, 2017's Ethical Code versus AANMC's Unethical Behavior

here, I point out the simple fact that naturopathy has a code of ethics that naturopathy's behaviors violate preponderantly, perpetually:

001. first, the AANP code of ethics is the document "Code of Ethics" [2017 archived] which states:

"to provide protection to the general public, a naturopathic physician shall abide by the following code of ethics: 1. honesty: a naturopathic physician shall conduct himself or herself in an honest manner; shall not represent him or herself to patients or the public in an untruthful, misleading, or deceptive manner; and shall not engage in advertising that is false or deceptive [...]";

that was honesty, truthfulness, no deception, no falseness.  Really. 

002. yet, here's the ND schools' consortia falsely categorizing the contents of naturopathy to the public in a promotional way as grossly "science" [2017 archived].

003. so easy to show.  Oh my.
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