Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Euro. - S. African - Australian Chiropractic Education Collaboration: Vitalism 'Unsupported by Evidence, Inappropriate, Unnecessary'

here, a recent position statement on the pseudoscience of vitalism:

001. we're told at the University of Johannesburg, which has a "Department of Chiropractic", in "Clinical and Professional Chiropractic Education: a Position Statement" (2015) [2017 archived]:

"the teaching of vertebral subluxation complex as a vitalistic construct that claims that it is the cause of disease is unsupported by evidence. Its inclusion in a modern chiropractic curriculum in anything other than an historical context is therefore inappropriate and unnecessary [...] specifically the form of vitalism [...] proclaims ‘if the specific vertebral subluxation is correctly adjusted, interference is released, pressure is eliminated, carrying capacity restored to normal, tissue cell is re-established, and life and health begin to regrow back to normal. All this is directed, controlled, and performed by innate intelligence' [...]"; 

an interesting find.
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