Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Naturopath Gonzalez: The Reported Homocide of an unND Who Practiced unOncology

here, the sad and the tragic:

001. Deborah Highland at bgdailynews.com writes in "'Many Will Miss Him' Colleague Says of Slain Naturopathic Doctor" (2017-03-07):

"Bowling Green Police Department detectives continue to investigate the Friday homicide of naturopathic doctor Juan Sanchez Gonzalez [...] Gonzalez’s office website shows that he was a graduate of the Trinity School of Natural Health in Warsaw, Ind. [...] the Natural Health Center for Integrative Medicine was open Friday evening when someone walked in and found Gonzalez unresponsive inside his business, police department spokesman Officer Ronnie Ward said. Gonzalez operated the center at 1022 U.S. 31-W By-Pass. Police and paramedics were called to check Gonzalez’s welfare and found him dead. Police have not disclosed his cause of death but are referring to it as a homicide [...] his practice offers medicinal herbs, anti-aging repair, nutritional counseling, iridology and other services, according to the website [...]";

of course any homicide is a tragedy.  You'll find AANMC naturopaths calling ANMA naturopaths "unND"s.  And though AANMC NDs rarely do iridology, it is more common with ANMA types.  Though AANMC NDs have just-as-nonsensical diagnostic charades, like applied kinesiology. 

002. and the same reporter writes at the same outlet in "Arrest Made in Shooting Death of Naturopathic Doctor" (2017-03-08):

"Bowling Green police arrested a man in the Friday shooting death of naturopathic doctor Juan Sanchez Gonzalez.  Omer Ahmetovic [...] is charged with murder in Gonzalez’s death [..] a preliminary hearing is set for March 15. His bond, as of Wednesday night, was $1 million.  Police are not releasing any information about a potential motive or about how the two men knew each other";

003. the AP reports at mercurynews.com in "Widower Accused of Killing Naturopathic Doctor After Wife’s Cancer Death" (2017-03-10):

"police in Kentucky have arrested a man who they say walked into the office of his wife’s naturopathic caregiver and shot him dead [...] a lawsuit filed in January by Ahmetovic and his wife [...] lays out a series of grievances against the caregiver, Juan Gonzalez.  The lawsuit says the Bosnian refugee couple met Gonzalez in early 2016, after Ibrisevic was diagnosed with a form of soft-tissue cancer. The couple, who had two children, looked into natural therapies while waiting to be scheduled for traditional cancer treatments. They said Gonzalez told them that 'chemotherapy is for losers' and guaranteed he could cure her within three months. Instead, despite spending $7,000 on herbal treatments, dietary counseling, massages and foot baths, she developed even more tumors, according to the lawsuit, which sought compensatory and punitive damages.  Gonzalez 'systematically preyed upon the plight of the plaintiffs and told Fikreta and Omer a series of misrepresentations and concealments,' the lawsuit said. As Bosnian refugees, they were 'more vulnerable to being misled,' the suit said [...]";

this sounds like naturopathy typically in action, with grievous consequences.
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