Monday, March 13, 2017

Further Reporting of Naturopath Gonzalez Homicide: Terence Cullen at

here, a major newspaper reports:

001. at the New York Daily News, Terence Cullen reports in "Widower Accused of Killing Man He Claims Told Wife Chemo is Bad" (2017-03-11):

"a grieving Kentucky widower [...] Omer Ahmetovic [...] is suspected of killing the holistic healer [...] Juan Gonzalez, a naturopathic caregiver [...who] he alleged told him and his late wife that 'chemotherapy is for losers' [...a] lawsuit — filed against Gonzalez in January — asserts the healer continually misled the couple [...] Gonzalez, the lawsuit says, told the couple he could cure Ibrisevic in three months, adding that 'chemotherapy was for losers 'Over the next four months, Gonzalez allegedly treated the doomed woman by giving massages and soaking her feet as well as offering special dietary instructions, according to the lawsuit [...]";

I'm sure more details will emerge.  But it does sound like foot-detox quackery at the least was going on.
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