Monday, March 13, 2017

The Boston Globe: Disregard Homeopathy's False Promises

here, criticism of homeopathy:

001. at, Sarah Shemkus writes in "Don’t Buy Into the Promise of a Homeopathic Cure" (2017-03-01):

"when your baby gets sick [...] a homeopathic product might seem like an attractive alternative to traditional medicine [...] don’t buy the assurances [...] there is little to no credible scientific evidence confirming the effectiveness of homeopathy, according to the National Institutes of Health [...] the FDA regulates homeopathic products but does not evaluate them for safety or efficacy [...] when correctly formulated, homeopathic products are so thoroughly diluted that they contain essentially no active ingredients that can affect a person’s health [...] if your instinct is to go natural when it comes to the treatment of a medical condition — especially one affecting a child — you should disregard it [...]"; 

hear, hear.
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