Thursday, April 6, 2017

Connecticut Magazine Epistemic Illiteracy via Journalism: Science Subset Nonscience Naturopathic Unmerchantability

here, my musing upon an article in a "health science" area of a newspaper online in Connecticut that tells us "health science" subset naturopathy subset homeopathy. Really, in this day and age!:

001. Erik Ofgang writes at in "Natural Medicine Makes Strides in Connecticut" (2017-04-06) [2017 archived]:

"Dr. David M. Brady, vice president for health sciences at the University of Bridgeport, agrees [stating] 'the health care market needs it, the patients want choices [...] they don’t want just drugs and surgery, they want more comprehensive solutions to their chronic health challenges' [...] Connecticut is home to about 230 practicing naturopaths (NDs) [...] it is also home to the College of Natural Medicine at the University of Bridgeport [...] natural medicine encompasses disciplines like acupuncture, herbal medicine, hydrotherapy [...and] homeopathy (an alternative system of medicine that features highly diluted remedies) [...]";

so, as usual, NO CREDENTIALS mentioned with that "Dr." title but I can tell you that Brady is a DC and and ND and a former classmate and instructor.  He is not a "vice president" he is a vice provost, by the way.  We have the label "science" in the article and its address, UB, the word market and the promise of solutions.  Now, UB's "health science" division includes naturopathy which includes homeopathy.  And admitted is the CONTEXT of COMMERCE.  But what we are not told is that homeopathy is science-ejected, and therein overall the ND that UB sells in the marketplace and the naturopathy that people buy in the marketplace is quite UNMERCHANTABLE.  

"Dr. Marcia Prenguber, dean of the College of Naturopathic Medicine [at UB], explains that while there is growing awareness of natural medicine techniques, misconceptions remain among some conventional medical practitioners. 'They think what we do is hocus pocus, and we don’t do hocus pocus [...] my experience has been the more I can help someone understand what we do, the more accepting they are of it [...]";

so, the UB ND dean and a posture of clarity AS IF.  But, naturopathy has advanced itself basically via false postures, ironically, and it's happening in this article.  Be careful about naturopathic gaslighting false categorizations.  So MORE accepting when understood?  No.
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