Friday, April 21, 2017

The Colorado RND Bill and What Could That Stand For?

here, since N.D. in skeptical circles means 'not a doctor' for abundant reasons, and a bill in the Colorado legislature proposes that NDs be registered in the state as RND, I muse on what snarky things a skeptic may imagine RND stands for:

001. former-ND Britt Hermes had written at in "Naturopathic Doctor Attempts Character Assassination Of Colorado Senator" [2017-04-20]:

"the Colorado senate unanimously passed [...] Senate Bill 106, which [...] continues the registration of naturopathic doctors until 2020 with added restrictions. If the bill succeeds in the House, naturopathic doctors will be required to use the title 'registered naturopathic doctor' or 'R.N.D.' Colorado could become the only state to mark them as different from licensed medical practitioners."

I'm all for that bit of distinction and for much more 'accurate distinguishing' of what NDs truly are, in thought and action.  Of course, this is Colorado still partnering with falsehood, the essence of naturopathy, in the sense of giving approval or vetting of nonsense and fraud.

002. my 3 proposals for what RND could signify:

Retarded Naturalness Dumbassedness;

hmmmm.  Perhaps too much.  Yet, I spent a whole Naturocrit Podcast episode on what I term 'the naturalness fallacy.'

Reconstituted Nocturnal Diarrhea;

too graphic maybe?  But that's what I consider 'naturopathic thought' e.g. "a distinct system that blends..."

Raging Neurologic Deficiencies;

because, come on, look at what they consider to be science-supported.
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