Sunday, June 11, 2017

"Dear Chris" - An Email to CTDPH Section Chief Chris Andresen Regarding What's Obvious About CT Naturopathy

here, I share a brief email I recently sent to my State government.  Another of my complaints, in a long list of complaints, that are ignored though they are about what is quite obvious through CT .gov's own documents:

001. it goes:

"To whom it may concern,

I've been watching for years, and collecting for years,

the State of Connecticut's involvement with naturopathy,

which the State licenses, accredits, endorses, and promotes as 'science'

when generally that broad label or category is not true.

Yet permission continues from the State for

the University of Bridgeport to operate under such

false pretenses and inducements, and for NDs to operate

in business similarly.

And so my question, as a Connecticut taxpayer, blogger, and podcaster,

when is the State going to get on the right side of this matter?

Here's a little snippet of my take on YOUR involvement with naturopathy,

and the utter hypocrisy of the State of Connecticut

ALREADY knowing about this nonmerchantable

academic, clinical, and commercial product known as naturopathy

or as is so unique to the State of Connecticut, 'natureopathy'.


[also attached as a zipped web document, and zipped screen captures].

I'd love a response, as I am a citizen of the this State,

and I'm soon to publish a podcast episode on this matter.

And as always, this communication will be published.


Robert Cullen."

002. the contact information for this agent of the State is:

Phone: 860-509-7603.  Fax: 860-707-1984.  E-mail:".
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