Thursday, June 8, 2017

ND Citrin Criticizes the Mainstream Healthcare Model and Offers "A More Effective Solution"

here, ND Citrin offers "a more effective solution" and claims it's science-supported, and then I look at his practice's pages and find the fringe and science-ejected NOT efficacious:

001., ND Citrin writes in "Naturopathic Medicine: Examining the Current Health Care Model" (2017-06-06):

"most people have similar values. We want the same things in life. To have love, financial success, access to good health care all so we can have fulfilling lives. However, the state of the current health model may leave you questioning what you need to do for proper health care [...]";

so, here is an ND posing as within 'the typical good', trying to convince us that he's middle-of-the-road REGULAR as in "similar values [...] same things in life [...] love, financial success [...] good health care [...] fulfilling lives."  Watch out for such easy-to-show-as-false veneers.

"our current health care system, although it has a lot of incredible benefits, may leave some people to desire more [...e.g.] chronic disease is on the rise [...yet he emphasizes] these conditions are preventable [...that there's] a more effective solution is to address the reason for the chronic condition and focus on prevention [...e.g.] dietary changes, exercise, stress reduction, and supportive and loving relationships all play a role in reversing chronic disease [...] Dr. Guy Citrin is a naturopathic physician at Yellowstone Naturopathic Clinic [...]";

so, sure.  Thoses interventions are reasonable, and how we know about them is through SCIENCE: the idea of efficacy, and then interventions which ironically aren't naturopathic.  But let's look at his clinic, as in "examining", to see what comes with the naturopathic.

002. the ND's practice [a practice of many NDs]:

002.a. the clinic includes these NDs, with homeopathy on their bio.s page at least 5 times:

ND Beeson, ND Day, ND Krieger, ND Burns, ND Phillips-Dorsett, ND Schenewerk, ND Sellars, and our ND Citrin.  His bio. paragraph includes "homeopathy" and "applied kinesiology" and tells us that he's a 2015 graduate of "National University of Health Sciences."

and that's SO PAR for the course in terms of naturopathy: science subset fake diagnostics and fake therapeutics.  Because, truly, both homeopathy and applied kinesiology are fakes.  Notice how the article wasn't fringe and instead claimed middle-of-the-road, yet here now is the quite NOT within 'the typical good' and quite NOT middle-of-the-road.  Someone posing medical expertise and then supporting fake such is appalling.

 002.b. for this ND collective, naturopathic medicine is described in "What is Naturopathic Medicine?" [2017 archived] as:

"the term naturopathy was coined in 1892 to describe a rapidly growing system of natural therapies emphasizing the body’s ability to heal itself [...] naturopathic treatment is guided by six principles [...#2] recognize the healing power of nature. The human body has the capacity to heal itself and maintain homeostasis. Naturopathy works in harmony with nature to restore and support the body’s natural healing systems [...]";

so, that's coded vitalism.  From someone who supposedly possesses a "science" doctorate.

"naturopathic doctors advise patients about preventive measures to maintain health and avoid disease [...]";

so, there's that 'prevention expert' hook that was also in the article.  NDs claim to know.  But I maintain that their knowledge KIND as science is completely without boundaries, so therein HOW they say they know things, via science, is highly suspect.

"naturopathic therapies [...] naturopathic doctors draw upon a wide range variety of therapies. Each is supported by clinical experience and scientific, peer-reviewed research on efficacy and safety.  Therapies include [...] homeopathy [...]";

it is completely BOGUS to claim that homeopathy is efficacious and survives rigorous scientific scrutiny. So, there's QUITE not science falsely claimed as able to survive scientific scrutiny.  Because in Naturopathyland, ANYTHING is science.  So, this is QUITE fringe.

"a mainstream medicine: naturopathic medicine is the choice of hundreds of thousands of people around the world. In the United States and Canada, the number of licensed and affiliated naturopathic doctors has doubled in recent years to more than four thousand. Naturopathic care is increasingly the choice of patients seeking collaborative, safe, cost-effective treatment and integrative partnerships between conventional medical doctors and licensed NDs are becoming more available. Every day people are recovering their health by adding naturopathic medicine to their healthcare option [...]";

so, though fringe, they pose themselves as the middle which is as false as calling homeopathy science-based.  Nonsense is never a choice or option, never cost-effective, and not therapeutic.  Instead, it's unmerchantable.
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