Friday, June 9, 2017

The Connecticut Allied Health Care Collective's Damning 2017 "NOT SCIENCE" Letter To State Agents Regarding Naturopathy

here, an utter refutation, this February of 2017, of naturopathy's "science" marketing label and academic claim by mainstream allied healthcare.  And I muse on "who is going to connect the dots and prosecute?" or themselves be held accountable for their own prosecutorial misconduct:

001. from, my State government, there's the PDF file "Report to the General Assembly A Report based on the Committee on the Practice of Naturopathy Convened Pursuant to Special Act 16-3 Raul Pino, MD, MPH, Commissioner February 17, 2017" [2017 archived] which contains a letter.  That letter was submitted by, ISYN all of these guys:

"Connecticut State Medical Society, Connecticut Nurses Association, Connecticut Academy of Family Physicians, CTAPRNS [The Connecticut Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Society], Connecticut Association of Nurse Anesthetists, Connecticut Dermatologic Society, Connecticut Society of Eye Physicians, Connecticut Coalition of Advanced Practice Nurses, Connecticut Urology Society, Connecticut ENT Society".

That letter states:

"'naturopaths trained in this state, or any state, do not have sufficient education and training at this time to safely prescribe the medications they have requested. They do not have the scientific foundation, nor even the commitment to evidence-based therapy that must be the cornerstone of all practice, let alone practice that involves risk to life and limb'";

WOW.  So NOT.  I mean SOOOOO NOOOOT science generally speaking.

002. who is going to connect the dots and prosecute?

simply in Connecticut [as well as North America in general], naturopathy is engaged in false commerce, false academics, and false clinical encounters.  You have Connecticut's University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine embedded within a supposed "Division of Health Sciences" yet even in this State of Connecticut document AT the Connecticut '.gov' we have the fact that homeopathy for instance is specified as within naturopathy, which completely undermines that naturopathic self-labeling as "science" commercially, academically, and clinically. 

my take is that NOBODY will do anything, here in Corrupticut. And that IS prosecutorial misconduct and IMHO a conspiracy.  Huh?  "Dear Chris..."

"Contact: Chris Andresen, Section Chief. Phone: 860-509-7603.  Fax: 860-707-1984.  E-mail:".

I have.
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