Thursday, June 29, 2017

Tim Caulfield at "Stop Those Naturopaths"

here, criticism of Canadian naturopathy's unjustified anti-vaxxing:

001., Tim Caulfield a "Canada Research Chair in health law and policy at the University of Alberta, a Trudeau Fellow and author" writes in "Stop Those Naturopaths Who Spread Anti-vaxxer Myths" (2017-06-24):

"naturopaths are increasingly claiming that they are part of an evidence-informed profession. Prove it [...]"; 

ah, the words of a true skeptic! 

"the British Columbia Naturopathic Association has published a position paper on vaccination that supports a vaccine-hesitant approach [...their] paper highlights a number of scientifically inaccurate vaccination risks [...] in the provinces where naturopaths have been granted self-regulation – a move that I view as a legitimizing mistakethe colleges should force their members to stop spreading vaccination myths [...there is a] the ubiquity of [such...] inaccurate representations [...without] a case of regulatory action in relation to vaccination misrepresentations [...]"; 

it's tough to start down that path for the NDs because so much of what essentially IS naturopathy is mythic like: homeopathy, a life force running the body, traditional Chinese medicine, toxins, weirdo orthrhexic diets, colon hydrotherapy etc. 

"if naturopaths fail to regulate themselves – which seems the likely outcome – then provincial governments should revisit how these kinds of alternative practitioners are regulated, including considering increased regulatory restrictions and third-party oversight to ensure adherence to science-based standards of practice [...]"; 

well, IMHO, the reason naturopaths self-regulate is to practice licensed falsehood because what is essentially 'the naturopathic' uniquely and such is junk.  And then they falsely label it "health science."
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