Friday, June 30, 2017

CFI versus AANP on Homeopathy

here, two very different opinions on homeopathy:

001. Robyn Blumner, of the Center For Inquiry, writes in "Message From the President and CEO":

"another notable CFI victory was the crackdown by the Federal Trade Commission on the marketing of homeopathy, something CFI had urged in formal testimony. Hopefully this will put a dent in the $3 billion a year that Americans spend on this consumer fraud"; 

hear, hear. 

002. meanwhile, the American national naturopathy organization AANP, at, tells us in "Zicam is NOT Homeopathy!" [2017 archived]:

"homeopathy is a 200 year-old medicinal science";

oh how fraud-abetting organized North American naturopathy is!

003. and, at The Guardian, there's the recent article "Homeopathic Products Should Not Be Sold in Pharmacies – Review" (2017-06-27) by Melissa Davey which states:

"homeopathic products should not be sold in Australian pharmacies because they place consumers at 'unacceptable risk', an independent review of pharmacy regulation for the health department has found [...] the report found [...] 'the only defence put to the panel regarding homeopathy was that it was harmless and able to be used as a placebo in certain circumstances. The panel does not believe that this argument is sufficient to justify the continued sale of these products in pharmacies' [...] Ian Carr, a pharmacist and member of Friends of Science in Medicine, welcomed the finding, and said  [...] 'my biggest complaint about the status of homeopathy is not that people are essentially putting placebos into their bodies, it’s that they are putting their trust in a certain way of thinking that has no evidence base [...] homeopathy carries a small or medium risk with no benefit'."

hear, hear.

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