Thursday, July 13, 2017

ND Courtright Arrested for Clinical Sexual Battery

here, something sordid:

001. reports in "Virginia Beach Holistic Doctor Arrested, Accused of Sexual Battery of Two Sisters" (2017-07-07):

"lawyers representing Michael Courtright said he has been a fully credential naturopathic physician in the state of Vermont – they say he’s been licensed since 2009 without a complaint [...]"; 

so, an ND. 

"last November, court records show that a mother contacted authorities after her two daughters saw Courtright for a visit.  Records stated that the girls claim he had them fill out a questionnaire on their past sexual history, sexual abuse and their amount of masturbation. Then alone in a room – records said that he examined both women separately.  In one case – they accused Courtright of giving both women a pelvic exam while talking about masturbation [...]";


"News 3 met up with two doctors from the Natural Path practice who were disturbed by the allegations [...]";

let's see what that practice is all about.

002.  the two doctors as "Natural Path" are not of the AANP-CAND type:

002.a. on their homepage, they have coded vitalism;

002.b. in "FAQS" we're told:

"what is applied kinesiology? [...] applied kinesiology is a system of evaluating strengths and weaknesses in an individual by muscle testing in conjunction with the examiner touching certain test points on the examinee.  It is painless, and can be done in the office without having to disrobe [...] what kinds of health issues are addressed at The Natural Path? [...] all health issues are addressed.  We offer our clients alternatives to conventional  treatment for their current health concerns.  Our focus is not to diagnose or 'cure.'  Medical doctors do those things.  We restore health, establish wellness, re-balance energies, and support healthy lifestyles and diet [...]  what is iridology? [...] iridology is the study of the iris (colored portion) of the eye, and how certain changes noted there may relate to your overall health.  It is useful to tailor one’s strengths and weaknesses as a guide to healthy living. What is reflexology? [...] reflexology is another tool used by naturopathic doctors and practitioners to a certain weaknesses in the body.  By analyzing (through touch) reflex points on the hands and feet, a skilled reflexologist can ascertain what deficiencies stand in the way of your wellness [...] what is homeopathy? [...] homeopathy is a health care system that originated in the late 18th century in Germany and is based on 3 principles.  LIKE CURES LIKE:  This refers to the phenomenon that small doses of a substance will stimulate the body’s defenses to throw off similar problems [...]";

so, lots of quackery.  And the sliminess of 'we don't practice medicine we just fix your health problems.'  Like: I'm not a mechanic, I just use tools on your car to improve it.

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