Friday, July 14, 2017

US News & World Report Puff Piece on sCAM

here, a really really bad article on sCAM with "news" as its URL category:

001. Christine Huang at writes in "What is Alternative Medicine?" (2017-07-12):

"naturopathic medicine: according to the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, naturopathy draws on traditional, scientific and empirical evidence. Jaclyn Chasse, the president of AANP, said naturopathic physicians are different from Naturopaths, Chasse warned. 'Naturopath is not a protected term,' Chasse said.  Unlike naturopaths, naturopathic physicians are licensed as primary care providers in many states and receive four years of training in both Western pharmaceutical medicine and other therapies, including nutrition, herbal medicine, homeopathy, physical medicine like osteopathic manipulation, and counseling.Chasse said most naturopathic physicians prefer to try non-conventional treatments first because conventional treatments are generally restricted to prescription drugs and surgeries. Naturopathic medicine offers more options, she said. 'I think there are a lot more tools in our toolkit.' Contrary to popular belief, she added, naturopaths are not against Western medicine [...] homeopathy is the practice of treating illnesses based on the 'law of similars,' which says that substances known to cause certain symptoms can also be used to used to treat those symptoms when used in extremely small doses, said Ronald Whitmont, president of the American Institute of Homeopathy. A 2005 study suggested homeopathy may be beneficial in the long-term care of patients with chronic illnesses. Homeopaths use 'medicine specifically formulated from natural substances that are usually extremely dilute,' Whitmont said. Medications are 'prescribed on an individual basis on the holistic totality of the patient's personal, physical, and emotional attributes.' Whitmont explained that for a certain substance to be considered homeopathic medicine, it must not only adhere to the 'law of similars,' but also be prepared in a way that's approved by the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the United States."

nowhere in this are we told the truth about either naturopathy or homeopathy.  That they are truly irrational and pseudoscience.  You got the huge fake known as homeopathy listed as within naturopathy, and so these proposed "more options" as part of a "toolkit" are not really options.  Unless you think an invisible screwdriver in your toolbox is an option.   I'm sorry you don't know what good "news" journalism is, reporter.  The real tell is that NOT mentioned is the FTC action against homeopathy recently.  And you have to love the cherry-picking of ONE study.  And that fake 'as if regulated' position.
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