Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Bastyr ND-Student Marilyn on Imposter Syndrome [Irony Alert!]

here, irony galore!  And the 'sad inside':

001. from the YouTube account "Talk Natural To Me", there's Marilyn who states in "IMPOSTER SYNDROME In Medical School" [her caps; saved 2017-12-11]:

[tags: #NDstudent #impostersyndrome #pseudomedicalschool]
"today I wanted to do a quick talk on imposter syndrome [...] when you feel like you don't have the qualifications for a certain situation and that you are a fraud and you're going to get found out at any moment [...] I've been going through this so much since I've been in medical school [...] I go through that all the time in medical school [...] weren't smart enough [...] didn't actually belong there [...] like I don't belong [...] I couldn't do it [...] I'm not smart enough to be in medical school [...] I've had a lot of breakdowns so far in my journey through medical school [...] I came straight from undergraduate school into medical school [...] coming to medical school [...]";

ah the joys...Bastyr, of course, is famous for claiming upon the science-exterior the label science, as all of naturopathy does.  And naturopathy school is not medical school because it is naturopathy school, preponderantly, because medicine is an applied science and naturopathy is a pseudoscience.

"you never know what's going on behind the curtains [...]";

oh yeah, Bastyr.  Catching them up in the net.

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