Tuesday, December 12, 2017

National University of Health SCIENCES Recommends Homeopathy as "Most Powerful"

here, sheer fantasy posed as "most powerful" by an institution claiming "science":

001. at Facebook, there's NUHS pointing to an AANMC article (2017-12-07):

002. that AANMC article, "The Ultimate Naturopathic Travel Kit" (2017-12-06), states:

"never leave home without these key items that will keep you healthy while you’re on the road [...such as] homeopathic remedies: 'homeopathy is one of the most powerful tools in naturopathic medicine because of its safe and gentle action on the body. I will usually bring either a pre-made kit that can be purchased online, or a few remedies on hand in case illness strikes,' Dr. Vassighi says [...and listed are] Arnica montana: traumas, bruises, soreness, aches; Arsenicum album: food poisoning scenarios involving diarrhea, vomiting, chilliness; Belladonna: high and sudden intense fevers. Dilated pupils, redness, heat with no sweating; Ferrum phosphoricum: high fevers with chills, rosy cheeks; may not act or feel acutely sick; Nux vomica: digestive upset due to overindulging in foods or alcohol; headaches, constipation; Aconitum napellus: any physical or emotional ailments from sudden fright or getting chilled; Cantharis: sunburns, UTIs with scalding and bloody drops of urine; Cocculus indicus: motion sickness, jet lag, time zone changes, insomnia; Ledum: insect bites or blunt trauma, relieved by cold application; Apis: insect bites, hives, allergic reactions; with swelling, redness and heat; relieved by cold [...]";

except homeopathy is sheer fantasy.  NOTHING has been shown, of necessary rigor, in terms of efficacy.  AND homeopathy is hugely implausible.  Homeopathy is as likely to keep you healthy as a magic carpet is as likely to keep you airborne.

003. the ND is Vassighi, whose practice page "Naturopathic Medicine" states homeopathy is her primary mode of treatment.

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