Wednesday, February 7, 2018

An Example Naturopathy Detox Video: ND Pridham

here, the detox sCAM [suspicious complementary and alternative money-making] by way of an ND:

001. Pridham, B. (ND CCNM) states in the YouTube video "Detoxification" (2018)  [saved 2018-02-04]:

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"detoxification is a fundamental process in naturopathic medicine and is a crucial step in helping to acheive health and wellness [... ] we have a speically designed three-week program to help detox the body [...] toxins are slowly released from the fat stores while we provide nutrition to the liver in order to provide maximum detoxification in a safe effective way [...] even if you do not have any health complaints or toxicity related illnesses, detoxification can be ideal for you [...] for those individuals looking to optimize their health and wellness, we do recommend detoxing two times a year [...] please call the clinic";

so, detox.  The Wikipedia article "Detoxification (alternative medicine)" states: "the concept has received criticism from scientists and health organizations for its unsound scientific basis and lack of evidence for the claims they make. The 'toxins' usually remain undefined, with little to no evidence of toxic accumulation in the patient. The British organisation Sense About Science has described some detox diets and commercial products as 'a waste of time and money', while the British Dietetic Association called the idea 'nonsense' and a 'marketing myth'."  Isn't racketeering when you create a false necessity and them profit from it?

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