Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Chronic & Gestational Lyme Naturopathy Patient Bauer: "It's Very Expensive [...] Hundreds of Thousdands of Dollars"

here, from the supposed ID anti-CDC fringe:

001. at [the Atlanta Journal Constitution], Wendy Halloran reports in "Group Rallies in Front of CDC Over Definition of Lyme Disease" (2018-05-05):

"Lyme disease [...] Channel 2’s Wendy Halloran attended a protest outside of CDC headquarters [...they] protested the CDC's definition of chronic Lyme disease [...]";

chronic Lyme infection is not scientifically supported. 

"Kristina Bauer [...who] says she’s had success using naturopathic medicine. 'It’s very expensive, everything is out of pocket we’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on treating four children and myself' [...]";

oh, my.  A lot of duckets.  Hey, there's a video of the protest.  Interesting clique: 'gestational Lyme'.  Where we're told "Lyme effects all systems."

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