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Complaint XCCVIIIXIXIX Updates As I Receive Them

here, I'll list responses, as they come in, to my most recent '2011 postal outburst' toward [supposed!] consumer-citizen protection and [supposed!] regulatory bodies in NY, CT and Federally:

Note: of course, the research continues even if the Naturocrit posts don't.

for instance, I MOST HIGHLY recommend Blackwell's "Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Fast Facts for Medical Practice" (2002; ISBN 0632045833 9780632045839) which recently came up on  I then bought and ocr'd it.  Its chapter 14 -- by then Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine faculty member NMD Ehrlich, ND at the time of its publication; a school that is his alma mater -- tells us [also in my D-F compilation at]:

"naturopathy is a distinct system of medicine that is based on an understanding that the human organism contains a powerful healing intelligence called the 'vital force'" [which is nonscientific and particularly science-ejected; and a requisite center-piece BY OATH of the naturopathic sectarian context]

"the principles of naturopathic medicine are based upon objective observation of the nature of health and disease, and are continually re-examined in the light of scientific advances."

yes, quite distinct and rational, and most importantly TRUE [not!]: the FOR DECADES science-ejected survives CURRENT scientific scrutiny.

yes, this is supposed rigorous and doctorate-level and SCIENCE.  This is some of the naturopathy RACKET, in a nutshell -- effecting their citizen-clinical-customers and their citizen-educational-customers...and A FALSEHOOD SO EASY TO SHOW.

anyway, the chronological list [with some recent mass-media journalism in blue]:

2011-10-07 - Ronald Furan of the NYSAGO / Division of Economic Justice / Bureau of Consumers Frauds refers the complaint to NYSHESC [let the circle begin to be formed];
2011-10-16 -

the SAME basic sciences as an MD [ schools of the] AANMC [...that are] nationally accredited ['s] a doctorate-professional degree on par with MD and DO [...NDs take] rigorous professional board exams".  So, I said:

"Speaking of what's 'not true', it is quite not true that homeopathy is science, science-based, scientific and kind.  Homeopathy, an integral part of naturopathy, is in fact science-debunked.  Yet, in fact, your kind of naturopathy, the AANMC-AANP-CAND variety, labels homeopathy a "clinical science" on your North American licensure exam. There's A LOT of really bad REALLY BAD oversight going on regarding naturopathy, its claims, and its commerce labels."
2011-10-22 - Nothing big to report, simply because there isn't anything that's going to happen in terms of JUSTICE and ENFORCEMENT in my lifetime.  Here's an interesting hit to this page, though, via Sitemeter.  It's Sallie Mae (defined here) -- one of the financial accomplices in all this, along with State and Federal education departments, schools and naturo. org.s -- looking up my nickname via and then going to this web page 2011-10-19:
At Science-Based Medicine, in "The Cure" (2011-10-20), Jann Bellamy proposes a "Science-Based Healthcare Practices Act."  She reminds us "we know in fact that: naturopathy’s basic premise is simply a restatement of long-discredited vitalism [amongst other things LONG discredited, like their claim that the supernatural is within science], the chiropractic 'vertebral subluxation' does not exist, so it can’t 'interfere' with anything, nor can it be 'adjusted'; [and per acupuncture] there is no 'energetic physiology' theoretical or otherwise."  Such "legalization of nonsense as health care has a deleterious effect on the public [I'd argue both clinically and educationally -- stealing people's treasure]. Each year, millions in the U.S. visit state-licensed naturopaths, chiropractors and acupuncturists, exposing themselves to diagnoses of conditions that do not exist and treatments for these non-existent conditions, as well as treatment of real diseases with implausible and ineffective therapies. They will spend millions of dollars on these visits, paying with either their money or yours." 

Hear, hear.  I term the phenomenon "licensed falsehood."

Meanwhile, naturopathy's 'blatant nonscience falsely labeled as science' commercial activity is easy to find with a web search through ""with all other branches" naturopathic" [exterior quotes removed].

You get a lot: principally, this is the naturopathy-wide claim that North American naturopathy and its contents [that is: knowledge, methods and required belief obligations] is SCIENCE and particularly MEDICAL SCIENCE.

 A 6th page hit from New York City's Columbia University Medical Center states in "FAQ - Naturopathic Medicine" [vsc 2011-10-22]: "naturopathic physicians cooperate with all other branches of medical science [...] an ND cooperates with all other branches of medical science [...but it gets better, Q:] is naturopathic medicine different from homeopathy? [A:] yes, homeopathy is different from naturopathic medicine, but the two types of medicine are often confused. Homeopathy is an independent natural therapy and system of healing that is part of the repertoire of therapies employed by naturopathic doctors [...] naturopathic medicine encompasses homeopathy and several other natural therapies, and treatment integrates aspects of each of these therapies."  So, there you go, the claim: science subset naturopathy subset homeopathy.  That is completely FALSE, and then they take your money or your insurance company's or the taxpayer's.

At schools, this is often termed quackademic medicine.  This is also going on at one of my grad. universities from the past, NYU's Medical Center. In general terms I regard this as a RACKET.
2011-10-26 - the SILENCE is deafening [so I listen to this while I continue research].  
Here's some entertainment, anyways: this is an NCNM ND in Florida on -- Heather Crider [they uploaded this 2011-09-12].  The ignorance and deception is blinding, really, in this video.  First, she tells us that naturopathic education is comprised of "a very rigorous scientific coursework" and that she learned homeopathy there and it is a favorite treatment (see[vsc 2011-10-26].
NCNM, of course, claims that naturopathy's contents survive rigorous scientific scrutiny, including its therapies like homeopathy and its vitalism and supernatural beliefs which are in its tenets or principles (see ) [archived here].  That, of course, is bullshit.  Second, ND Crider attempts to explain naturopathy's tenets in a second video (see ) [vsc 2011-10-26], except: the word used quite mistakenly in the title and in the video is "tenants" and when she explains naturopathy's "healing power of nature" SHE IS COMPLETELY NOT EXPLAINING IT ESSENTIALLY.  How do I know this?  Because the NCNM link above DOES explain HPN as a sectarian belief in a "life force" while she talks about herbs and treating malaria with such. Here's to naturopathy, REALLY LOW HANGING FRUIT when it comes to analysis, simultaneously: ignorant, deceptive, shifty, naive, irrational, false, unprofessional, and PSEUDO.
2011-11-05 - still SILENCE.  You have more rights on a used car lot: educationally and clinically.  Yet, ironically, naturopathy claims to be a profession, with therein, a fiduciary duty towards society -- not just the commerce duty of said used car lot.
I have been musing about this great little gem of a document by New York ND Bongiorno (see [vsc 2011-11-05], wherein we're AS USUAL told that naturopathy is "science-based" yet we get that hugely science-ejected defining vitalism at the heart of naturopathy!!!  A great microcosm of the naturopaTHICK: ignorant, false, irrational, dumb: 

"the term naturopathy refers to the idea of 'nature cure,' which uses the healing power of nature in an effort to allow the patient to cure their own illness by stimulating the body's vital force, or qi [...] naturopathic therapies tend to work slowly by building and nourishing the body, and improving the patient's vital force [...] Dr. Peter Bongiorno graduated from Bastyr University, the leading accredited university for science-based natural medicine [...the] rigorous coursework and includes basic and clinical sciences."

Welcome to 'the big natural stupid land of reversed values'.
2011-11-07 - And, to top off my accusation that naturopathy fundamentally is science-ejected archaic junk falsely labeled science, this World Health Organization 2010 document "Benchmarks for Training in Naturopathy" (2010; ISBN 9789241599658) illuminates the fundamental / defining science-ejected vitalism at the heart of naturopathy (click here, [vsc 2011-11-07]:

"naturopathic practice emerged from an amalgamation of the philosophy, techniques, science
and principles that typified the alternative healing systems of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, particularly those related to vitalism [...] some of the founding influences that defined naturopathic philosophy and practice include [...] the philosophy of vitalism, which maintained that the body has an innate intelligence that strives constantly for health, so that the practitioner’s role is to assist these efforts by cooperating with the healing powers of nature active within the body [...] the principles that inform naturopathy can be summarized as follows [...] act in cooperation with the healing power of nature [...] act in cooperation with the healing power of nature: the Stoics of ancient Greece believed that there was an animating principle, logos, that acted as a vital force to order the universe [...] seek, identify and treat the fundamental cause of the illness [...] this often requires a thorough examination of the patient’s lifestyle, diet and vital force [...] annex 1: glossary [...] vital force: the essential energy that animates the body, referred to in Chinese medicine as chi and in Ayurvedic medicine as prana."

This document itself even gets SO ABSURD as to pose the existence of "basic sciences, clinical sciences [and supposed] naturopathic sciences [...] naturopathic practitioners continued their support for high academic standards and sound curricula to pursue the scientific confirmation of naturopathic methods."  Bullshit.

Here's the telling sign of how rigorous/high naturopathy's scientific standards/ commitments are: as science profoundly hammers the last couple nails into the coffin of homeopathy and acupuncture which are so inherent to naturopathy [as anything other than nonspecific, highly ritualized placebos], at an institutional level naturopathy ignores modern science as it relates to naturopathic contents and continues pursuing a path of false labeling of such contents as science.
2011-11-12 - Frank Brockley of NYSHESC writes to me that NYSAGO has told NYSHESC that I should contact Sallie Mae; Kathleen W. Boulware of SCTDPH tells me that my complaint is not within their jurisdiction [can you say 'circle jerk subset circle jerk subset...'].
So, as I have stated for several years regarding naturopathic licensed falsehood: the States are accomplices to this humongous naturopathic racket.  Coincidentally, today I also received directly from naturopathy-central, NCNM, the 2011-04 "Blueprints and Preparation Guide" for the racket's North American naturopathic licensure exam "NPLEX Part II Clinical Science Examinations."  On the table of contents, we get the absurd claim of science subset 'homeopathy and medieval Chinese metaphysics / superstition' [2 scans for your pleasure, click each to enlarge]:

 One day these human rights violations will be justly dealt with.
2011-11-20 - Nothing to report.  Though, I'm reveling today in this little piece of QUITE PUBLIC AND PERMANENT evidence written by NCNM ND Mittman [published by SCNM in 2007; archived in 2010] which immediately and clearly points to the NONSCIENTIFIC ACTUALLY SCIENCE-EJECTED central vitalistic-spiritistic belief-premise of naturopathy as told to us by this LUMINARY naturopath-homeopath, President and CEO of SCNM, and President of the AANMC (archived version here; vsc original 2011-11-20):

"[see its page 002] the concept of the healing power of nature remains the core principle of naturopathic medicine today.  The vis medicatrix naturae is the energetic quality that animates living beings, helps maintain health and coordinates healing and repair.  Nearly every culture has a name for it – the Chinese call it chi, in India they refer to it as prana, the Japanese call it ki.  Present when we are born and gone when we die, this animating force exists in every living plant and animal, including humans [...] this powerful, healing force [...] this energy of life [...] naturopathic medicine assists the healing power of nature [...] the vis medicatrix naturae [x2...] naturopathic medicine heals through nature."

He is also speaker at this weekends OAND conference. It is titled Emerging Trends and Treatments in Naturopathic Medicine.  In the brochure for the conference, no lie, the root 'homeo' shows up 27 times.

I am sickened, absolutely sickened by this continuous licensed falsehood AND JUST HOW MANY PLAYERS ARE INVOLVED: educationally, politically, and clinically.
2011-11-26 - The New York Times reported on naturopathy and mentioned its science-ejected central vitalistic belief in 1996 (see

"alternative medicine can include treatments offered by practitioners like naturopaths, who attribute disease to blockages in the flow of a life force."

How fascinating that even now, if you visit the site of the ND-NMD school consortia, the AANMC, along every page practically is the false label of "science" upon 'the naturopathic.'

On this (see AANMC page, ND Garcia in fact tells us:

"Dr. Clare Garcia, ND - SCNM alumna: develops personalized treatment plans that stimulate the body's inner vital force of healing. Specialties: hormone therapy, homeopathy, nutrition, IV treatments."

How continuously fascinating.
2011-12-01 - I've decided that the richest public source, presently, for acquiring new ND / NMD material is Twitter.  For instance, see!/search/naturopathic%20medicine .  There I will be found, see!/naturocrit .  Naturocrit may be revived next year, but basically everything pertinent has already been said here.

The naturopaths are quite active on Twitter: it seems more compatible with their shallow, flighty, farty unthought pattern.

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