Friday, May 8, 2015

Las Vegas Naturopaths Arrested: Second Degree Murder by-way-of Alternative Medicine Procedure

here, shocking news:

001. at, Matt Guillermo reports in in "2 Accused of Death During Alternative Medicine Procedure" (2015-05-06) [it's also reported here]:

"two alternative medicine doctors [...] Cody Stoneking [...] and Karl Bachman [...] the two naturopathy doctors [...] were booked into Clark County Detention Center on Tuesday as part of an investigation into a woman's death during one of their procedures [...] a new but medically unapproved procedure [...]  an 'Octozone' machine[...] a way to kill pathogens in the blood []  injecting a person with a syringe filled with oxygen taken from a small box machine [...] Kim Liu was given the injection but then began seizing and going unconscious. She was later rushed to Sunrise Hospital for treatment, where she later died [...] a coroner's report later found Kim Liu died of an air embolism with the manner of death ruled as a homicide [...] ";

wow.  Very sad.  Gee, I wonder what happens when people with wacko ideas and no or very bad knowledge are set loose on society as so-called 'doctors'?  Welcome to naturopathyland.
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