Thursday, May 7, 2015

My 2015 E-Mail to Connecticut's Public Health Committee Members

here, I share what I've recently sent to my State's elected officials [see 001., below]; then, I list the e-mail addresses of that PHC:

001.this is the email:


Dear Public Health Committee Member,

I write this letter in opposition to the present licensure and to the proposed expanded licensure of naturopaths in Connecticut. I reach out to PHC members directly, as a Connecticut citizen and educator, in hope that ALL the pertinent information regarding naturopathy is known and considered before further endorsement continues.

I'm an independent researcher, blogger, and podcast host who attended the Connecticut naturopathy college for four years, and I have been studying naturopathy for close to twenty years.

Truly, I am appalled by the abundant naturopathy falsehoods that are allowed to happen WITH the State of Connecticut in close partnership.

Recently, I have written and published a two-part podcast episode through my Naturocrit Podcast, detailing my criticisms: Episode 009 “The Connecticut Naturopathic Physicians Association [CNPA] and A Supposed Modernization of Connecticut Naturopathy"


I also publish the transcripts to these episodes at the Naturocrit Blog


Here are a few questions I have to ask, and I'd really love responses:

Though the central essential premises of naturopathy are science-ejected, along with naturopathy-specific diagnostics and therapeutics, why is naturopathy allowed to market itself commercially, clinically, and academic [sp., academically!]  under the CATEGORICAL label “science”?

With naturopaths ignoring the findings of contemporary science so systematically, why are they allowed to be primary care physicians and what in the world is the PHC thinking in terms of allowing prescription authority to such science-deniers?

Are you aware that in 2014, when the University of Bridgeport's agent ND Brady testified before the PHC, stating that naturopathy at UB is indeed “scientific evidence based”, that that was NOT true? [And in support of that falsehood, the UB Dean on that transcript specifically answered questions from the PHC chair regarding naturopathy's “homeopathy”. Do I have to explain to a PHC just how science-discarded homeopathy is?].

I thank you for your consideration and your service,

Rob Cullen, RMA-AHI (AMT), CPI (NCCT).
[Author, Presenter, Allied Health Instructor]."

002.  PHC member's e-mail addresses:

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