Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Onion on "Nature"

here, something, I don't know what, regarding the label "nature":

001. The Onion, in "GMOs: Myth vs. Fact", writes:

"Myth: it's healthier to eat foods that occur in nature.

Fact: all knowledge is mediated through the prism of human experience and culture, thus the very existence of nature is subjective."

Note: IT'S COMPLICATED!!!  The gag makes me laugh a little, with its what I'll call 'post-modernistic epistemic nihilism'.  I'm not sure if they're joking about their 'fact'.  There is 'the stuff of universe BESIDES human experience'.  This 'phenomenology of self-conceit' is only, in my view, a little-bit-of-funny, though, unless, of course, their fact is also part of the gag.  Hmmmm.

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