Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Pseudodiagnostics That They Do: An Idaho Naturopath's Muscle-Testing Pediatric Exam Video

here, an insightful patient encounter by way of YouTube.  A child and a naturopath, who does a physical exam 'the naturopathic way'.  That includes regular medical equipment and such naturopathy things as:

001. at, the Karlfeldt Center has posted the video "A Naturopathic Pediatric Wellness Visit at The Karlfeldt Center" (saved 2016-01-22)
[normally, I'd embed the link, but I find this too disturbing in the sense of pseudodiagnostics abusively used on a child]
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we see:

medical exam equipment, like an otoscope and a stethoscope with which he looks in the ears with the otoscope and at the throat, feels neck the nodes, auscultates the lungs and heart with the stethoscope, checks the patient's skin, and a lot of questions are asked of the youngster.

the ND says "oh, it was gluten-free bread, so it was good bread."

and then he muscle-tests the patient, with some doohickey, checking for ALLERGIES or weakness / intolerance!  The magic, the magic...

and mentions "we'll go through and check which supplements you are on."  He tests the muscle while mentioning the supplement verball, and they all seem to be "liked" by the body.  The voodoo, the voodoo...

in another video, historically, the ND claims to have been a regular doctor.  There, he states the muscle testing is "a much finer instrument [...] which allows me to talk to their autonomic nervous system [ measure] intolerances [...and] deficiencies."

without a hint of irony...

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