Thursday, January 4, 2018

The Homeopathic "Natural Flu Shot" of California Licensed ND Reddish

here, rank pseudopharmacology:

 001. at the homepage of ND Reddish here [2018 archived], we're told:

"Cold + Flu Support Natural Flu Shot + Vitamin D Combo (2 shots for $75) Great to come in at the first sign of the ickies creeping in!  This super-effective ‘natural flu shot’,  contains an injectable homeopathic that helps to boost natural killer cells to support anti-viral function. Drop in Tuesday or Thursday or call schedule an appointment. Great to use as: a pre-travel precaution, first sign of viral infections like cold and flu, as prevention for those who work in schools, hospitals and crowded environments etc.";

if this homeopathy compound -- oh the irony -- actually induces an immune response, well, roll out the Nobel Prize.  Otherwise, doing this under these pretenses, as commerce, is quite wrong.  But, magic beans, unicorn tears, and flying carpets are not preventative according to medical science.  This is the furtherance of superstition...

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